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Bowtech Tribute Compound Bow

Shooting a Bowtech TributeThis bow is not only a tried and tested bow, but it is a lucky bow for more than one reason. It is the bow that found it's way back to me after being stolen. 

Right before I got married I decided that now is the time to buy my last toy before I enter into a life partnership where we would have to discuss such things before pulling the trigger. Pardon the pun. I shot a number of bows before making my decision. I tried the Mathew's Solo cam and thought it was very smooth, I almost decided to buy it but was really impressed with the Bowtech Archery and especially the Tribute. It was a little faster and I liked how compact it was for hunting situations. I know that the Bowtech Allegiance would have been a bit faster yet and more forgiving as it had almost a 2" longer axle to axle length, but I went with the more compact Tribute. Here are the specifications on the 2007


 Bowtech Tribute:

Version: 2007
Brace height: 7.75"
Axle to axle length: 31.5"
Draw length: 26.5"-30.5"
Draw weight: 50-80#
IBO speed: 310-328 FPS
Mass weight: 4.2lbs

I enjoy shooting this bow at 3D competitions and had it set up exactly the same as I did for hunting to keep things as if they were always in a hunting situation. I did not like the idea of having different rests and arrows just to be a bit faster on the 3D course. Practice how you play, right? I have harvested 2 black bears, 1 elk, and 2 deer with this bow that I can remember off hand. It is a great shooting bow that has stood the test of time in the field and on the range. As of now I am on my 7th year with this bow and the only thing that has worn out is the string and the paint in front of the handle grip. Which was from mosquito repellent. Do not get mosquito repellent on your bow paint! It will remove it.

The other interesting thing about the bow is in the fall of 2008 I had found it stolen out of my storage locker along with a number of other hunting equipment. I got the police involved and they ended up traking down my Buck hunting knife but the suspects could not produce or did not produce my other items. Luckily a hunting buddy of mine found my equipment for sale on Craigslist. By the time I contacted the person, the item was already sold. I put up an advertisement on the same site explaining the story and the person who had bought it ended up responding to me. I ended up succussfully recovering the bow! Other than the bow case smelling like cigarette smoke everything was in working condition. So it is truly a lucky bow that found it's way home.

My Set-up:

2007 Bowtech Tribute 70lbs pull, 27.5" draw length, Whisker Biscuit rest, G5 Optix sight, Winner's Choice String, Diamond Archery removable quiver, 5575 Gold Tip Pro Hunter Arrows (361 grains net weight), Montec G5 100 grain Broadheads, 291FPS, 68 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.

 Below is a video of the author shooting  a Bowtech Tribute Compound Bow:

Posted September 07, 2013 by Justin Ott

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