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If going out for the day you can bet the Badlands 2200 is the right choice. With multiple adjusting size and comfort straps you can go up close to empty and come down with a buck. The internal frame keeps it light and I find the side zippers and pockets to be very convienient. There is lots of room for calls, knives, scents, water, bear spray, you get the point. Inside is a large space with a couple of separation compartments with zippers. Very convenient and handy.

††††††††††† I strongly suggest the bigger size if going out for nights at a time like the 4500 for example would be great for 4 days+ in the wilderness. The 2200 shines for going on day trips but it gives you the ability to pack out meat, the trophy, and hide while staying light and compact. There is a flap that comes out the back and it straps to the top of the pack making it an Ideal area to place a game bag with boned out meat or a set of antlers.

††††††††† This pack is extremely comfortable and handy with the capability to pack out deer sized animals. I would say anyone looking for a day pack would be happy all around with this pack, just donít over stuff it as it can lose its comfort.

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Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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