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Avery ATB and HexaBumper retreival toolsTraining your hunting dog to retrieve is vital for waterfowl hunting success in the field. I had trouble getting my Golden Labrador to Retrieve. I found that using tools such as the Avery ATB, which looks like a real duck, helped my dog learn to retrieve properly while having fun. My dog goes crazy for the ATB and the HexaBumber tools. Every time I go out to train him, I can see that he gets very excited and brings the retrieval tools back to me time after time.

I found the Avery ATB to be superior when comparing it with the Dokken retrieval tools as the Dokken ducks are made of foam and seem to get waterlogged when training in the water. The ATB and HexaBumper are made of tough rubber material that seems to hold up on water or ground better than the Dokken tools. The other advantage is that The Avery products do not breakdown from being held or chewed in a dog’s mouth like the Dokken retrieval tools do.

I recommend using Avery products to train your hunting dog, here are some of the features of the Avery ATB:
(From the Avery Website)
The Avery® True Bird™ (ATB™) is the ultimate training bird! Designed, field tested, endorsed and used by the top retriever trainers in the world and carved by 2-time World Champion decoy carver Dick Rhode, the ATB™ offers the ultimate in both function and realism.
• Solid PVC head is dense but safe
• Design encourages proper pick-up/hold
• Will not damage teeth or eye sockets
• Durable PVC outer body
• Scent can be added easily
• Foam filling yields lifelike "ducky" feel
• Will not absorb water or emit foul odors
• Long Throw™ Knob included
• Mallard & Teal feature accurate paint schemes
• Flasher™ produces hi-viz "strobe" effect
• Raised VGrip™ tooth locks for superior hold
• Official bird of the Super Retriever Series™
• Ducks Unlimited Official Licensed Product
• Official training device of Team WaterDog™

Here are the Features of the Hexabumper:

The first training bumper innovation in years! The HexaBumper's design eliminates many of the disadvantages of traditional round bumpers and holds up to the daily routines of pro trainers!
• Six flat sides for easier hold
• Raised VGrips promote superior hold
• Valveless design will never take on water
• Firm bumper reduces chomping tendency
• Flasher produces hi-vis strobe effect
• Throw rope included
• 2" & 3" diameter models
• Pro-Pack includes Black, Orange, Flasher and 3 White

Be sure to try these products on your hunting dog, as I am sure you will have great results and be happy with the quality of Avery products.

Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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