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 Andrew Ucles Biography

Andrew Ucles is well-known in Australia thanks to his highly ingenious way of capturing animals, reptiles, spiders, and even sharks with his bare hands. This 25 year old has been teaching himself how to catch some of Australia’s deadliest wildlife since he was 7 years old; his videos have gone viral globally on several online channels.

Although Andrew’s parents wanted him to have a stable career as an engineer or a miner, he was against a lifestyle that was driven merely by financial gains. His childhood was spent chasing venomous snakes and seagulls while his classmates chased exclusive basketball cards. He started educating his classmates about catching wild animals, birds, and reptiles with his bare hands, and in fact still has loyal friends that even now join him on his wild quests.

Andrew Ucles graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Science and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Wildlife Management. He is very passionate about saving Australia’s fragile ecosystem, and travels all over the country creating video footage archive to educate other people.

In addition to educating the public about preserving the natural heritage of Australian wildlife, Andrew also works hard at protecting wildlife that has been displaced by rapid deforestation, land development, pollution, and the intrusion of feral animals.

Andrew presently stays in Wollongong, which is 60 km. south of Sydney. His parents and elder sister have been his biggest supporters and fans in his endeavor to educate Australia’s public about preserving their wildlife. On his part, he is a huge fan of Michael Jackson.

Andrew Ucles believes that one should live by his own guidelines instead of following those set by others. He is amazed at the high level of materialism infecting today’s generation. His aim is to unlock, what he calls, a series of embedded instinctive codes caused by evolution and display them to the public.

While Andrew Ucles has had a lot of fun catching a wide range of Australian wildlife with his bare hands, he has also had several close calls after being bitten and stung by them. He has been bitten by poisonous snakes and scorpions, and has often had to walk a long distances to receive medical help. However, such instances have not dampened his enthusiasm to protect and preserve the wildlife in Australia.

Andrew’s on-screen antics have often been compared to well-known Australian wildlife conservationist, the late Steve Irwin. Andrew Ucles wishes to see the preservation of Australian wildlife, and is pained at the fact that Australian people are losing touch with their wildlife. He is also worried at the fast pace of urbanization and is sad that waterfalls that were once accessible to him during his childhood have now turned into restricted areas reserved for mines.

Andrew Ucles truly believes that he was born to be wild. He not only wants to preserve the great Australian wildlife heritage, but also wants others to follow suit. He is an eccentric dreamer with an increasing fan following and is really passionate about achieving his goal of preserving Australian wildlife in his own unique way. Check out his channel on youtube:

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