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grizzly bearAlaskan brown bear and the Grizzly bear are genetically the same species with the only differences being their size and habitat. Alaskan brown bears inhabit the areas around the coastal regions within 100 miles of the shoreline; Grizzlies inhabit the interior partially forested areas. Alaskan brown bears are huge in size and they feed on salmon, deer, elk, livestock, and other animals and live in much milder climate. Alaskan brown bears can grow up to 10 feet and weigh as much as 1500 pounds. They have a very broad head, strong well-built body, large jaws; heavy paws with long and powerful claws. The grizzly lives in the interiors and generally eats berries, small mammals and rodents.
A nonresident hunter has to be accompanied by a licensed guide or an Alaskan resident over 19 years of age, who is realted within the second degree of kindred. eg - mother , father, grandparent, son/daughter-in-law, father/mother-in-law, step mother or father.† A non-resident alien needs to be accompanied by a guide licensed to hunt big game. Professional guides help hunters in every step, right from choosing the correct hunting gear and selecting the best hunting spots, to the size of the bear. Hunting season is open for 8 months from the end of March to the middle of October. Spring is the best time to hunt brownies as they have thick long hair, a full dense coat and large sharp claws.
Hunting guides will direct you on the equipment required for the hunt. These include a high power rifle, with heavy bullets that retain mass and penetrate deep (250 grain premium bullets) as brown bears are large bodied with formidable bone structure. If bowhunting, your rig should be putting out at least 65ft.lbs. of kenitic energy. The purpose of going on this challenging hunt is to bring back a good trophy for a bear skin rug, and not go trailing an injured bear. Other gear includes a gas stove, foodstuff, spotting scope, a good pair of binoculars, flashlight, and sharp broad knife for skinning the bear, warm clothes, good water proof hunting boots, 4 to six pairs of warm socks, insulated hat, bag for carrying skin, salt, rain coat, additional batteries, insect repellant, water bottle, and first aid kit.
The sight of a large brown bear in the wilderness is something to be experienced. Preparation for the hunt is necessary to withstand the harsh conditions in the wilderness. Build up your stamina as long treks and stalking with ankle fit hip boots is involved. Climbing stairs with a weight of 25 pounds on your back will strengthen your legs and also build your stamina. It is recommended to practice shooting in the kneeling, standing, and sitting positions to get the feel of your gun. Go light into the bush with a backpack, as this will allow you to move in different directions as required while trailing.
The hunting expedition may take several days; the guide will set up a camp and will look for the areas, which are frequented by large brown bears. You may glass for hours before you spot one you want to take but it could be 2 miles away, trek cautiously as bearís sense of smell and hearing are excellent. Determine the sex of the brown bear; males are larger and solitary unless breeding, have short and stout legs and larger ears. Brown bears breed slowly and it is best to avoid females with cubs. Look closely if there are bald patches, generally late fall is the best time as the bears are well furred with new hair growth.
Timing your brown bear hunt when the daylight hours are longer is recommended, as it is easy to spot the brown bear and stalk it. Get as close to the bear as possible avoiding the wind on your back as the bear may sense you. Get to about 200 yards before taking a shot; a clean shot taken between the two lungs is sure to bring down the bear. In case the bear is alerted and charges towards you aim for the shoulder blade to break a bone and stop the charge. However, keep in mind that you donít want to damage the trophy with excessive bullet shots. If the skull has a bullet hole, it will not be eligible for trophy scoring in record books.
The Alaskan brown bear trophy is coveted by most hunters.

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